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Tu Basket

Vegetable Oils Pulses, Cereals food  grains and almost all such items which need bulk storege can be kept in this Drawer Pullout system. This is a full extenstion system, here no pushing and pulling of storing containers is required, smooth retrivel and you can access all the stored products.


MI BS 15206 (T.U)368 x 485 x 140450
MI BS 17206 (T.U)419 x 485 x 140500
MI BS 19206 (T.U)470 x 485 x 140550
MI BS 21206 (T.U)520 x 485 x 140600
MI BS 24206 (T.U)620 x 485 x 140700
MI BS 28206 (T.U)712 x 485 x 140800
MI BS 32206 (T.U)812 x 485 x 140900